Covid19 Accommodations

3-20-20 - Pegasuspress is taking the necessary steps to protect our customers with daily sanitation of common areas as recommended by the CDC. We remain open for business both onsite and with our online store. We will continue to monitor updates from local, state and federal authorities and post updates here. As always, we offer online purchasing, payments and until further notice, we will include free local delivery of all online orders to you or your agent at no extra charge. Rest assured, we will continue to work hard to provide the same services as always. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance online or if you have any questions or concerns.

3-26-20 - With the statewide Stay at Home Public Health Order put in place at 6am local time this morning, we remain open and able to provide all essential mailing services for your organization.  Until further notice Pegasuspress onsite availability will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We strongly suggest accessing the online store as it remains available to provide remote access. To further facilitate that process, we will offer FREE LOCAL DELIVERY for all online orders. If you currently have a project in progress, or need assistance starting a new one, please call 720-346-6046 to coordinate its fulfillment and distribution.  Rest assured, when you're needing to continue your business operations during these uncertain times, we're here to help.

4-9-20 - The statewide Stay at Home Public Health Order has been extended through 4-26-20. Now is the time to prepare your business for the gradual easing of restrictions.  During this time, some of our customers that utilize 3rd party bulk mailers for their marketing campaigns may encounter temporary suspension of services. If you find that you're unable to mail your pieces, please contact us!  We have options available that can accommodate your campaigns up to one million pieces.  We're ready, along with our partners, to make sure your marketing campaigns get distributed when YOU want them to.

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20 Minutes Artwork/Preflight included with each order.

No matter if you have a sample of something you've used, an idea you've been thinking about or even just an ad you came across somewhere that caught your eye, we will help you make your vision a reality with 20 minutes of Professional Design Work with each new order to help get you up and running.  Design Work can include: Typesetting, Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Preflight your Fles or Consultation.  If you're not sure about any specific project, send us a pic or even just a description and we'll provide a free estimate on set-up/design/production cost AT NO CHARGE!  The bottom line is if you're successful, we're successful.

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Need Assistance Online?

Click on the chat icon on the bottom right of the page to chat with one of our support staff.  Available 9am - 3pm Mon -Fri